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NAS Trends is a life style young and dynamic Egyptian brand established in 2009 based Cairo. Contact us on [email protected] You can buy NAS Trends products at NAS Trends Store, 4th floor, unit #4130 in the corridor between phase 1 n phase 2, Cairo, or order by phone free delivery nation wide starting 200 L.E.

Who We Are

o be the world’s strongest fashion brand among the youth – or old people who still feel the power of the youth – by 2020. In the near future, NAS will continue to break down the existing understanding fashion, and convert it to community driven one, that the youth themselves drive toward a better one.

Check out our collections and tell us what you think :)

Youth are our role model, they are energetic, active, open to new things, ambitious, optimistic , hard workers when they love what they do, friendly, spiritual , wild, natural learners. These are precious qualities that be stimulated through NAS branding.

At NAS Company we are firm believers that youth are able to change the world while having fun. Leaving a legacy is fun with NAS.

NAS is is inspired by the people, which is you :) We want to know what you like and what you want to wear. That's why, we want you to send us any designs, sketches or even ideas for designs, and your design will get a chance to be part of the next bundle... The owners of the designs will share in the profits of his/her designs.. So basically, you wear what you make :).

send your designs to [email protected]

NAS Trends